NFL Week 11 RBs: Give Me All The Charcandrick!

Have you ever had a fondness for a player based purely on the awesomeness of their name? I've definitely had a few over the years. D'Brickashaw Ferguson. Plaxico Burress. Peerless Price. Barkevious Mingo. Charcandrick West definitely fits the bill. He's also conscious of his social media image as most professional athletes are these days.

As I look at this Week's slate and start narrowing down my RB targets, I am immediately drawn to Charcandrick West against San Diego. We've got an RB in an offense best suited for an every-down back to get 20+ touches. We've got a nice matchup against a defense that isn't good at stopping the run. And he's priced at only $4500? Sold! This is my #1 RB recommendation for Week 11. Get the Charc-Tank in your lineups!

As far as the rest of our RBs go, Lamar Miller doesn't really have the name appeal of a Charcandrick, but he certainly looks pretty good against a Dallas team that has been pretty bad versus the run all year. At a moderately reasonable price of $6200, he offers a pretty nice ceiling and floor. He's also scored at least once in every game of the Dan Campbell era. Even with Jay Ajiyi lurking as a vulture, we still project Lamar Miller to have a nice day versus the hapless Cowboys.

For your high end RBs, we have Devonta Freeman returning off BYE to face the Colts, Todd Gurley and his new QB Case Keenum rolling into Baltimore, and Adrian Peterson going up against a Green Bay Packers team that is currently in a bit of a funk. Freeman definitely will cost you ($8400), but from what I've seen from expert sites so far, his projected floor and ceiling is much higher than anyone else in the field.

Using the experts DFS tool at, here are the top 10 RB projections for the week. I have applied a filter that sorts these projections based on the top experts in DFS accuracy for the season so far. This is a very handy (and free) research tool if you want to compare expert rankings on a weekly basis.

Player Kickoff Opponent Spread Over/Under Predicted Score Projected Rank Projected Points Salary CPP
Devonta Freeman (ATL - RB) Sun 1:00PM IND ATL (-5.5) 47.5 ATL 27 1 22.01 $8,400 $382
DeMarco Murray (PHI - RB) Sun 1:00PM TB PHI (-5.5) 45.5 PHI 26 2 21.55 $6,000 $278
Todd Gurley (STL - RB) Sun 1:00PM @BAL STL (+1.5) 41 STL 20 3 17.7 $7,600 $429
Lamar Miller (MIA - RB) Sun 1:00PM DAL MIA (-1) 47.5 MIA 24 4 17.31 $6,200 $358
Charcandrick West (KC - RB) Sun 4:05PM @SD KC (-3) 44 KC 24 5 17.07 $4,500 $264
Adrian Peterson (MIN - RB) Sun 4:25PM GB MIN (-1) 44.5 MIN 23 6 16.63 $6,800 $409
Danny Woodhead (SD - RB) Sun 4:05PM KC SD (+3) 44 SD 21 7 16.13 $5,300 $328
Darren McFadden (DAL - RB) Sun 1:00PM @MIA DAL (+1) 47.5 DAL 23 8 15.58 $5,000 $321
Marshawn Lynch (SEA - RB) Sun 4:25PM SF SEA (-13) 40 SEA 27 9 15.1 $6,700 $444
LeSean McCoy (BUF - RB) Mon 8:30PM @NE BUF (+7.5) 48 BUF 20 10 14.85 $5,500 $370

Looking at these rankings, we see that Charcandrick West is the best value in the top 10 with a projected CPP (Cost Per Point) of $264. Or, to use a more familiar term, he is projected at about 3.5X value. We also notice that Todd Gurley and Marshawn Lynch both have the highest price tags based on their expected output. DeMarco Murray is also projected to have the 2nd highest RB total on the week, which projects him at above 3X value. My concern with Murray is his limited upside. I feel pretty good about his floor in cash games, but the Eagles offense seems dead set on limiting Murray's scoring potential.

So for Week 11, I am recommending you pay down and pay up and roll with a Charc-nado / DeVonta Freeman combo to provide a high ceiling and floor with an affordable average cost of $6450. You can also choose to add another $6000 range RB as your flex. DeMarco Murray for cash, or Lamar Miller in GPP or cash. This may limit you paying up for a high priced QB/WR/TE, but I think this is a week we want to choose wisely among the stars and scrubs and look for consistency and upside at the other positions.

Right now, I am thinking of a DK lineup featuring:
QB: Matt Stafford
RB: Devonta Freeman
RB: Charcandrick West
WR: Calvin Johnson (Stack with Stafford)
WR: ?
WR: ?
TE: ?
Flex: Lamar Miller
DST: ?

I still have some blanks to fill in, and we'll see what happens over the next few days with injury news. But for right now, I'm feeling a lot better about Week 11 than I was about Week 10.

Next Up: Week 11 WRs.

-- DF

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