NFL Week 10 Sunday Recap: The Unbearable Lightness of Ingram

So let's get this over with. I did it again. I played Mark Ingram. I thought "Surely this can't happen to me again, surely Ingram will find paydirt this time." Well, such is life. If you read my recommendations for the week you can probably tell I didn't do so well. We deal with an unpredictable league with high variance. It is one of the things that makes NFL games so addictive. The drama, the narratives, the underdogs. This was certainly a strange week.

I really missed the boat on Kirk Cousins. I just didn't have faith enough in Captain Kirk, even against the Saints defense. I was expecting that game to be a little bit of a letdown and to some extent it was. The Saints were again moving and scoring through the air, which is disproving the early-season narrative that they had transitioned to a ground and pound team. The defense however did not disappoint the opposition. Kirk Cousins and Matt Jones lit them up through the air. Newsflash: The Saints defense is unfathomably bad right now. As I'm typing this, Rob Ryan looks be as good as fired and rightfully so. He's coasted by on his last name for way too long in this league. His track record as a DC is almost unilaterally terrible.

Sigh. Blake Bortles managed a decent day but nowhere near the 300+ yards and 3 TDs we were hoping for. Baltimore was able to do enough to keep him under control most of the day. Both Allens did manage to snatch TDs again, but both finished with only modest numbers.

DeMarco Murray was another disappointment. He failed to convert 2 red zone touches from inside the 5 yard line, and was vultured again by Ryan Mathews later on. Miami did better than expected offensively, Lamar Miller managed another score, despite the presence of Jay Ajiyi, who again performed well with limited touches.

The Steelers started with Landry Jones at QB but he barely lasted a play before getting hurt and leaving a supposedly hurt Ben Roethlisberger as the only QB on the active roster. Big Ben didn't seem to be hurt at all as he came right in and easily torched the Browns. Antonio Brown and Martavis Bryant both put up 30+ points on DraftKings. If you were stupid enough to start Big Ben, there are sometimes it pays to be more lucky than good I guess.

The Green Bay Packers laid a massive egg, both in fantasy and reality. The whole team was a disappointment save for a nice day for Davante Adams but no score to go with it. James Starks didn't take advantage of his opportunity with Cheeseburger Eddie sitting out.

Then there are the St. Louis Rams. The Rams have been a defensive stronghold most of the season, but that went completely out the window yesterday. They were torched by a resurrected Zach Miller, and Jeremy Langford again took advantage of his opportunity with Matt Forte out to put up a nice day.

To make things even more strange, Week 10's supposed defensive struggle turned out to be nothing of the sort with the Cardinals and Seahawks combining for 71 points. Carson Palmer targeted Richard Sherman repeatedly and connected with Michael Floyd for a couple early TDs to put the Cardinals in control early.

Then we have the sad demise of Peyton Manning. In a game where he broke the record for most passing yard in NFL history, Peyton was simply terrible. He completed 5/20 passes and throw 4 interceptions before mercifully being pulled for Brock Osweiler. There are reports Peyton is suffering from a foot injury, but it is looking like the sun is setting on one of the league's all-time great QBs.

As for me, I got crushed in most of my GPPs, as the Sunday Night game sealed my fate and pushed me into the rake. I did manage to eek out in a cash game, thanks to Martavis Bryant. I entered a Primetime tournament and stacked Carson Palmer and Michael Floyd, so I'm hoping to recoup some of my losses tonight if Gio Bernard, DeAndre Hopkins, Marvin Jones, and Tyler Eifert can combine for about 80 point or so.

How did you do this week? Hopefully you didn't lose all the money you made last week taking my advice.

Let's regroup and come back with a strong Week 11.

Onward and Upward.

-- DF

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